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P4500, SRM and FOM

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P4500, SRM and FOM

Hi All


Hopefully this is posted on the right board.


Just want to make sure I'm not going nuts - failover manager is not useful for a single site cluster that replicates to a second site and uses SRM/SRA to manage the DR ... right? In fact it's no use on a single site at all as far as I know?


As I see it, the FOM is only useful for stretched or split site clusters where a quorum would be needed in the event of loss of site - is this the correct view?


Thanks for any advice.


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Re: P4500, SRM and FOM

its useful for a two-node management group on a single site.  For three+ nodes you don't need one, but I run one for my four node single site management group as HP seems to think that five managers is idea.


You really want to avoid using a virtual manager if at all possible as it does not allow for true automatic failover when the node that is hosting the virtual manager goes down and quorum is lost.