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P4500 Storageworks and P4530 compatibilty


P4500 Storageworks and P4530 compatibilty

I'm running 5 P4500 nodes and need to add another. I'm being told that P4500 are end of life and will have to purchase a P4530.  Is this just a plug and play? Do I need to update the firmware on the P4500 disk? and the IQ San software as well.  Any one got experience of this or can advise.  Tx

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Re: P4500 Storageworks and P4530 compatibilty

I don't know the model difference but adding any node to any cluster is "plug and play"... the only caution is that the cluster is only as fast as the slowest node and only has as much capacity as the smallest node.  Think of a node similar to a HDD in a traditional raid group... you aren't going to want to put a small SSD in raid with some large 7200RPM SATA drives and here you don't want to put a small and fast node into your system if the other nodes are all big and slow (or vis versa).  I don't know the models you talk about off-hand, but if they are similar speeds and capacity then you are fine, if they aren't then you are not.