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P4500 + Vmware 4 node setup

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P4500 + Vmware 4 node setup


I am running 4 P4500 nodes in a cluster with 4 Managers and 1 failover manager. All volumes are configured to Network RAID 10 (2-way mirror).

I also have 4 ESX servers which connect to the cluster. 


My question is, if I have multiple buildings on site, should I move 2 of the ESX servers and 2 storage nodes to another building? I am a bit worried about performance etc. The link between buildings is 1Gbps.



Re: P4500 + Vmware 4 node setup

IS latency between under 2 ms ? - and have you configured the SAN upfront to handle Multi site?



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Re: P4500 + Vmware 4 node setup

I'm running 8x P4500 nodes split 4 and 4 across two buildings with 4x1GB bonded links currently with no issues. Each site has 3 ESXi servers and each site is configured as such within the CMC. Been up and running for close to 3 years with only one issue.

Since we only have two sites currently if the primary site goes down so does the entire SAN due to loss of quorum. See if you can have a 3rd logical site running an instance of FOM with links to each data center to prevent this potential issue.