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P4500 and Management Group


P4500 and Management Group

Hello Everybody,


I have a little problem.

I have a Management Group with Two Cluster. If update a management Group, the two Cluster is down.


I want to remove a Cluster to a Management Group and after, i want to create a new Management Group with this Cluster.

Like that, I have a two Management Group.


It's possible without losing the data in a cluster ?






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Re: P4500 and Management Group

Removing a cluster or nodes from a management group and rebuilding a new management group with these nodes will not preserve the data on your nodes.


What puzzles me is your remark regarding if you upgrade a management group then your two cluster are down ... this is not the normal behavior. Upgrading clusters in a management group can be done online. So I guess that there is something not optimal in your current configuration.