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P4500 and failover manager

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P4500 and failover manager

I have two P4500 in cluster with a Manager Failover.
I have a very rare condition.
One of the P4500 appear under

Management Group
Name: managername
Manager: no
Virtual manager:no

The other P4500 appear in manager:Normal

The Failover manager appear manager:normal
Status:manager normal.

The issue is that when the FOM is reboot , the access to the volumen that arre in the P4500s are loss.

If I power off all the solution and power on the two P4500 and the FOM is off the CMC send me an alert saying that there is not a quorum

Also I see some error like
Manager Starting/Stopping for the P4500 that at this time is with manager status: no

Some clue

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Re: P4500 and failover manager

Fortunately you do not have a rare condition!
It sounds like you are unfamiliar with what quorum is ? Which is basically to do with voting.
From the info you have supplied you have a two node management group/cluster and a FOM.
One of the nodes is running a manager. What this means is that I have two votes (one for the manager and one for the FOM) which means I have a quorum of 2. If either the manager or the FOM goes offline or fails then you will only have one vote, your quorum is then lost (as you need 2) and ALL access to ALL volumes will be lost. You DO NOT want to lose quorum!
In your situation then probably the thing to do is to have manager running on BOTH nodes as well as the FOM. You now have 3 votes (one each) and your quorum is now 2. Therefore the failure of one "item" (a node running manager or the FOM) will not stop the cluster as you still have quorum as you still have two items running which will maintain the quorum of 2.
If you search in the ITRC you will find more info on this and in HP P4000 documentation:〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=64179&taskId=101&prodTypeId=12169&prodSeriesId=4118659

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