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P4500 fails to boot after 9.5 upgrade

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P4500 fails to boot after 9.5 upgrade

After upgrading 2 nodes in our P4500 cluster, both required a hard power off to come back to a useable state. After this they perform and are 100% functioning. The problem is that now whenever they are rebooted they fail to boot the first time and require a hard power off every time. From a DR perspective this is not ideal as any failure now requires a manual step of restarting. Any ideas?

Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Re: P4500 fails to boot after 9.5 upgrade

What happens if you monitor the power-up through the iLO virtual KVM?


Have you checked the revisions of all firmware?  The CMC will only do certain things, you need to take care of others (hard drive firmware leaps to mind) via the SmartStart CD and the P4000 Firmware Matrix.


Regular Advisor

Re: P4500 fails to boot after 9.5 upgrade

I would suggest checking the iLO firmware revisions - have you tried plugging in a monitor/keyboard? I have seen some 'incompatible' bios/ilo revisions and updating has solved issues in the past. If it is hitting the actual OS then I would suggest contacting HP for support. The P4300 is basically a DL180G7 so I imagine the P4500 is another server of theirs...


David Tocker
Steve Burkett
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Re: P4500 fails to boot after 9.5 upgrade

There was an 'urgent' hard drive firmware update (10123-00) released the other month for units with certain drive models in them to cure a fail during system boot up issue:


Patch 10123-00 -- SAS drive firmware update

Firmware version HPD7 prevents disk drives on high utilization systems from initializing too slowly during system boot up. Disk drives that respond slowly are not recognized by the system and are “failed” by the initiator.



Might be worth checking.