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P4500 + vmware + iops

Valued Contributor

P4500 + vmware + iops

We would like to virtualise 20 servers
with 3 ESX4 server (§DL360 G6 2x QC - 24 GB)
and connect it to a P4500 (12 disk 15 K 450GB SAS)
Can this be done for ecnahe server 300 user + 4-5 SQL with navision on it.
Because I don't find any IOPS for 1 P4500, I m planning to put 2 P45000 or an msa2300 sas
What would be better for performance a virtualisation in IOPS and speed.

We also need snapshotting and replication for msa I thinking storage mirroring

Mike Povall
Trusted Contributor

Re: P4500 + vmware + iops

The IOPS on the P4500 is cumulative so each 5.4TB P4500 will give 1700 IOPS on the 4K Email IOPS peformance results assuming that you are running RAID5 at the module level. This should be regarded as a minimum performance level not as a possible performance. Cache only IOPS would give 60,000IOPS for a P4500.