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Re: P4500G2 corrupt cache

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Alex Ball
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P4500G2 corrupt cache

Guys, I have two new P4500 G2 28.8TB SANs and three of the eight shelves have a corrupt cache in the diagnostics page.

Looking at the post screen on the server the P400 RAID controller reports no problems.

Can I manually clear this error ?

David Lockett
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Re: P4500G2 corrupt cache


Upgrading CMC to 9.0.01 Build 0125 fixed it for me.


Re: P4500G2 corrupt cache

Fixes for Patch 20020: Among other things..

Resolves a situation where, under certain conditions, on reboots after an upgrade to 9.0, SAN/iQ 9.0.00 will appear to detect and report an erroneous controller cache discard event long after the original condition has been addressed, corrected and no longer exists.
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Re: P4500G2 corrupt cache

my customer re-config raid twice by cmc,then issue cleared
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Re: P4500G2 corrupt cache

I had the same problem.
When I tried to make a managment groep I got a error that the NVR ram was failed. And in the diagnostic screen the cahce is currupted.

What I do to fix it.
I updated to the latest version of SANIQ.
After a reboot and diagnostic checks problem was stil there.
I reconfigured the raid form raid 5 to raid 5 and the problem was solved.

Ashok S T

Re: P4500G2 corrupt cache

Hi All,

This is known issue, Cache Corrupt Error in Diag and Hardware Status, if you reconfigure RAID than that error will go temporarily but if you reboot, again you will get the same cache corrupt error in diag.

Steps to resolve,

1. Install CMC 9.0 in your PC or Laptop which should be connected in the internet.

2. Now find the storage nodes using the IP from your Laptop CMC.

3. Now you can see whether all the softwares and patches or upto date or not.
if it is not upto date click to download all and once the download completes you can update one by one.

It will reboot the storage node so just plan accordingly. Check the RAID level before begin the acitvity.

Hope this will help you..

Ashok S T
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Re: P4500G2 corrupt cache


There is a patch that fixes this but it is not (yet) available via CMC.

You need to open case to HP support to get it.

Alex Ball
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Re: P4500G2 corrupt cache

By the Way guys I fixed this in my case buy doing a complete restore from the recovery DVD on every node that had the issue.

Re: P4500G2 corrupt cache

I had the same error.
The error seems to be the SAN I/Q software not understanding that the smart array controller cache battery has a low charge.
After attempting the other fixes on this post, I left the node for a few hours and the corruption error disappeared.
I suspect that the patch that is available from HP upon request fixes this SAN I/Q bug.