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P4500G2 disk model HP EF0600FATFF serious issues!

Occasional Contributor

P4500G2 disk model HP EF0600FATFF serious issues!



I want to let you guys know about serious problems regarding some drive models.


Drive models EF0300FATFD, EF0450FATFE and EF0600FATFF

with firmware < HPD7 wil randomly stop initializing when rebooting the node after a long time running. Our node was running for about 1,5 years.


We experienced this last weekend when upgrading san/iq 9.0 to 10.5 after upgrading/rebooting the 1st node 9 drives were failing. We cancelled the update and called HP. We had to upgrade the firmware on the drives, reinstall the node and add it back to the management group.


So please check if you have one of the drive model listed above and update the firmware (patch 10123) as soon as possible from the CMC console. DO NOT REBOOT before updating to HPD7


Best regards,


Martin de Graaf