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P4730 Remote Snap freeze Vm

Occasional Advisor

P4730 Remote Snap freeze Vm


Hello I have a problem with snapshot initiate by Lefthand (11.5) for remote copy a datastore, VM are not available (freeze for a few minute) and i have some zombie snap at the schedule time of remote copy, VM down.

Not every time but more since update to 11.5

I don't enable the virtual memory snap option in VmWare and i have no problem with Wm on non remote copy volume

The option application managed snapshot is enabled in the CMC


Esx 5.5    HPDL380G8 

DataStore 2xHP4730  LeftHand 11.5


Thank you if you have any idea




Occasional Advisor

Re: P4730 Remote Snap freeze Vm

Since i activate the remote copy of the first datastore 30 minutes before the remote copy of the second datastore it seem better, the i/o level is ok for the 4730 , perf was poor with the remote copy of the two datastore at the same time then snapshot create zombi file.

Support HP recommand 6 VM for a datastore !