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P4730fc capacity upgrade / extension

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P4730fc capacity upgrade / extension


I'm searching for documentation about the way to extend capacity of an existing P4730fc. Since P4730 is not available for purchase any more, I have to find a way to do that using StoreVirtual VSA, but until now I couldn't find anything talking about this kind of "technology mix", especially given that "fc" specific side of the project.

Anyone can help ?



Re: P4730fc capacity upgrade / extension

Ok, finaly got it. I was expecting some dedicated manual or WP, in fact it's in the SV VSA Install & Config guide. I was also expecting some dedicated chapter named "Adding capacity" or alike, but it's in chapter 10, "Working with clusters". The process itself looks quite simple in fact, wouldn't had deserved a complete manual for it, eventthough mixing hw version and VSA doesn't look natural at the first sight. Oh well.