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Patching LHN ISCSI SAN nodes

Thomas Mill
Occasional Contributor

Patching LHN ISCSI SAN nodes

Hi guys

I have a NSM 2120 G2 ISCSI SAN that comprises 16 nodes, and we have been experiencing an issue where the nodes "freeze" and lockup, requiring a reboot. HP have advised that we need to patch the nodes with patch 10056 and have given very basic instrcutions ie. burn ISO to disk, put into Server node and reboot.

Does ayone have experience of applying this pathc and have any advice? i.e. is there anything to watch out for, a recommended practise for applying it, any gotchas. Any advice would be most humbly and graciously accepted.



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Paul Miano
Occasional Advisor

Re: Patching LHN ISCSI SAN nodes


Hopefully you've gotten some other response from support, but I ran across this post and thought I'd reply.

There has been a subsequent firmware release for the P400 (v7.08) with patch 10064-00. Tha patch you mention has been known to cause some other issues (per support). I have the same model nodes and I just went through the upgrade - only 2 nodes though.

Best practice is to apply the patch to the VIP holder last as always. There was nothing special about the patch, but it does drop you down to a command prompt at the end and you'll need to CTL-ALT-DEL or power off/on the node for it to apply.

Beyond that it's the same as any NSM/P4000 patch. Make sure all your data restripes before moving to the next node.

Best of luck, Paul.