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Performance Monitor Not Counting Some Volumes Stats

Aaron Weller
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Performance Monitor Not Counting Some Volumes Stats

I've submitted this to HP support, but thought I would post here in case anybody had encountered this issue in the meantime:

We are running a 4 node P4500 G2 cluster. Each node is 7.2TB raw, we are running the latest software. This is connected to 4 x HP BL490c blades running XenServer Platinum.

Software Patches: 10054-03, 10060-02, 10096-00, 10102-00, 10105-00, 20020-00 (all nodes are running all patches)

PROBLEM: We are using sqlio.exe (performance testing tool) on a number of VMs connected to different volumes on the SAN. When I run the sqlio on some volumes I can clearly see the usage in the CMC -> Cluster -> Performance Monitor. However when I stop the test and run on some other volumes, the "Performance Monitor (CMC)" does not show any increase in IO/s, or MB/s that it should be showing. slqio should be increasing the "Performance Monitor (CMC)" stats from the usual 50-200 IOs/sec to something in the range of 1000-2000 IOs/sec. The sqlio utility is showing that the usage of 1000-3000 IOs/sec, but the SAN does not report any increase at all while running the tests on some volumes.

I think there is a bug of some kind stopping some volumes from being reported in the "Performance Monitor (CMC)".

Anybody had any issues like this?