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Performance monitoring our storage

Sandy Wood
Frequent Advisor

Performance monitoring our storage

We seeing some latency in connecting so some of our LeftHand storage and are wondering what Performance Monitors we should be watching. Also what are the acceptable limits of those monitors.


Thanks in advance for the help.


Re: Performance monitoring our storage

This really varies depending on your workload, type of systems you run and end user expectations. In general, we try to keep latency on file servers under 40ms, and database servers around 25ms.  Cacti is an amazing open source tool, and some one in their forums developed an awesome set of templates to monitor lefthand which are very easy to set up.  Installed ubuntu and had cacti running very quickly.  Be ware though- the snmp counters that lefthand OS provides do differ from what the cmc shows. I have spoken with lefthand support and they are aware of this known issue. Still, these long term graphs have been extremely helpful in capacity planning for our datacenters and general performance monitoring.

Re: Performance monitoring our storage



For HP Store Virtual 4000 series SAN Solution querries you can also visit the HP Guided troubleshooting tree.

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