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Predictive Failure on HP SAN drives

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Predictive Failure on HP SAN drives

I have a number of SANs in the organisation. These are all the same model.

THe SANs have 25 disks and disk 25 is always a hot spare.

I consistently get 'Predictive failure' indications on disks in slot 25 ONLY.

Anyone able to tell me why? Even disks that have been replaced will get a predictive fail warning within months - on disk 25 only.... why disk 25? Any one know what the cause of this could be?

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Predictive Failure on HPE SAN drives

What model HPE SAN do you have?


Re: Predictive Failure on HP SAN drives

it's a known issue with SV4730, the workaround is to reboot the node , also make sure to upgarde SANiQ to 12.7