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Primary/Remote Volume & Failover - Clarification?

Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Primary/Remote Volume & Failover - Clarification?

Can I just confirm that my understanding from the manuals is correct please?


If I'm replicating from Site A to Site B using Remote Snapshots:

  • The volume at Site A is Primary 
  • The volume at Site B is Remote
  • Any volumes assigned to servers at Site B cannot be accessed/mounted so long as the volume is a Remote volume.


In the event that Site A fails/disappears:

  • The volume at Site B is changed to Primary (manually or scripted)
  • Any servers assigned to this volume can now do an iSCSI rescan and mount/access the volume


When Site A is back:

  • Change the volume at Site A to remote or create a new remote volume
  • Do a remote snapshot from Site B to Site A to copy the volume back
  • Change the volume at Site B to remote, and change Site A back to Primary.


Is that a reasonable understanding?  I know there are failover/failback wizards in the CMC but I want to be sure my understanding of things is correct first.