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Problem upgrading P4300 to latest version

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Problem upgrading P4300 to latest version

While trying to upgrade the software on a HP P4300 G2 16TB MDL SAS Starter SAN Solution (BK715A) I'm getting the following error message - "Waiting for: There are no users on the storage system" however there is a user defined and you have to logon to it when inside the CMC.


I have two nodes with an additional 'Failover Manager (Hyper-V)' - which is what I'm having trouble with. The status of this manager is 'Manager Normal'


The two physical nodes are in a cluster. What I do find a bit strange is that when you logon to the CMC it logs you into both nodes but not the Failover manager you have to logon to that separately.


Would anyone please be able to point me in the right direction of how to solve this as I really would like to upgrade to the latest version.

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Re: Problem upgrading P4300 to latest version

When you put a SAN or a FOM in this case in  management group it creates the store. The Store contains the security information among other things. If you your FOM is a managemnt group take it out and re-add it. Also make sure you dont have another copy of the CMC running. If you want to simplyfy things just take the FOM and add a tempory virtual manager. Proceed with the update. Update the FOM frist this will give a good idea of what to expect, then update the two storage nodes. After you finish the update add the FOM to the management group. That should take care of it.