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Question about the MIB for P4500G2

Occasional Collector

Question about the MIB for P4500G2

Well, we have four P4500G2 storages, we use PRTG to do all of our monitoring, I've found the MIB for the storage (LEFTHAND-NETWORKS-NSM-STORAGE-MIB) and I can actually fetch the values I want to lookup, the problem is that I wan't able to find the "lookup table" for the values:


I'm checking a property called "storage raid device state" (, It returns an integer (0, 1, 2, 3?) Today it's returning 1, I presume that 1 must be "OK".

The MIB's documentation tell's me: "The RAID device (controller) state.  Possible values are: normal, rebuilding, degraded"


The thing is, I don't know what integer will represent rebuilding and what integer will represent degraded, I will have to input that to properly configure the monitoring.


In contact with HP Brazil over phone I was told that "It's not possible" and "You MUST use HP CMC to monitor the Storage". Can any soul out there give me a better answer?



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