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Question about virtual hard drives and volumes

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Question about virtual hard drives and volumes

I have 2 P4500 Lefthand SANs (one each in two different cities), and I was brainstorming on ways to make our remote snapshots the most efficient they can be conserving bandwidth and minimizing the time it takes for the remote snapshot to copy to its disaster site.

For all my Windows server VMs, I am creating a C drive where all apps are installed, and a D drive for all non-application data. The D drives will typically be where the more critical data will be stored.

Right now I have a XXX-VM-Prod1 volume on my SANs where everything is stored and it is remotely snapshoted nightly, but what if I had two volumes on my Lefthand SAN. One would be XXX-VM-SYS and the other would be XXX-VM-DATA. All C drives and vm files would be stored on the SYS volume and locally snapshoted each night, and remotly snapshoted once a week on Friday. All D drives would be stored on the DATA volume and remote snapshoted nightly.

I believe this solution would cut down the size of the snapshots greatly. For one you would not be snapshoting the swap file for all the servers every night.

Is there any flaw you can see from using this type of scenario? I do not foresee us ever wanting to rollback a production volume so I do not think that would be a problem.

All comments are welcomed, and thanks for you time.



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