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Read-Only mode access via iSCSI from Veeam proxies

M. N.

Read-Only mode access via iSCSI from Veeam proxies

I have an HPE LeftHand (p4xxx) infrastructure used to host the datastores managed by a VMware vSphere infrastructure.

LUNs are accessed via iSCSI from the ESXi hosts configured as a cluster.

I use Veeam Backup and replication to manage backup of VMs.

To speed up the backup I configured the physical Veeam server and the virtual Veeam proxies (all Windows Server 2008 R2) to access the same LUNs via iSCSI in Read only mode.

I have some trouble about the right configuration.

Is it correct setting the VMware cluster access the LUNs in read/write mode and the Veeam proxies in read only mode?

What additional settings should i implement to avoid possible damages to the datastores hosted by the LUNs?

Should I configure the Veeam proxies as single nodes or as a cluster?

Is there any further setting I should consider and/or apply?




Re: Read-Only mode access via iSCSI from Veeam proxies

Hi M.N.,


The VMware hosts need read/write access. It would be safest to configure volume access to the Microsoft Veeam host as read-only, if that does not interfere with the normal operation of the backup application. I would recommend starting with a single Microsoft host before undertaking a cluster configuration.

You can find additional information in these Veeam docs,

The Veeam Backup & Replication forum has much more information about this application than we can offer here.


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Re: Read-Only mode access via iSCSI from Veeam proxies

I have Veeam and HP StoreVirtual setup in the same way you do and yes you have it setup correctly.  My Veeam repositories are LUN's in a dedicated StoreVirtual cluster since I use older hardware as the backup destinations, but there is no reason why those LUN's couldn't be part of a cluster that other LUN's used for other purposes related to VMware VM's.