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Reconfigure RAID on StoreVirtual

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Reconfigure RAID on StoreVirtual

My first time coming across this issue. I have a customer who accidentally added a node to an existing StoreVirtual cluster and used the wrong RAID type. The first two nodes are configured with RAID1+0 and the new third node was configured with RAID5.

What is the proper procedure to correct this node and reconfigure the node with RAID1+0?

My assumption at this point is to remove the node from the cluster and then add it back to the cluster. Has anyone performed this procedure?


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Re: Reconfigure RAID on StoreVirtual

Are you talking about a physical node which they set the hardware raid to raid5 instead of 10?  The DEFAULT for the hardware is Raid5.  Are you sure the other nodes aren't also raid5?

If this is a virtual node, those are all setup as raid0 for the VHD's and can't be changed.


If you are talking about Network raid for the LUNs, that is done at the LUN level and adding/removing nodes will have no affect on this (assuming you have enough nodes to make a valid configuration (IE you have at least 2 nodes for NR10 and at least 3 for NR5).


Raid5 is OK to use on the node level and is the default configuration for the hardware nodes HP ships.  NR5 is for archive static data only and not for production data.


If you do want to change the hardware raid level of a node in the cluster, I would suggest removing it from the management group if at all possible so it does not affect performance of the cluster.



Re: Reconfigure RAID on StoreVirtual


from the image, I see you have added the node with h/w raid 5 with other two nodes as Raid 10. Ideally all nodes part of cluster must be configured with same raid config. The way forward would be to first let the volumes restripe completely. Once complete, just select to remove the node out of cluster which again will trigger cluster restripe ( may take 1-2 days). Later, you will see node outside cluster but still inside MG. Right click to take the node out of MF and later reconfigure Raid to Raid 10 and add it back to MG and then cluster