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Recovery process after dual site outage

Peter J West
Frequent Advisor

Recovery process after dual site outage

Good morning.

A couple of days ago we experienced a major power outage which affected both sites where we currently have 8 P4500 storage nodes located (4 at each site in a multi-site mirror configuration).


The power was not likely to be restored quickly so after 2 hours we shut down the entire SAN to safeguard the data.


Subsequently we managed to get power at one location and as a result of this we brought the nodes at that location back online.  As the nodes at the other site were still down the SAN came up in Maintenance Mode.


We had no choice but to force it back to normal mode so that the ESX hosts could start to use the SAN and we could start to run systems again.


Now, here is the question.


When the power at the second site comes back online is there anything we need to do?  Or will those nodes automatically realise thye are not in sync with their respective partners and start to update?


For the moment I have disabled the fibre link to the remote nodes so that we can control ourselves when the recovery process commences.


Grateful for any comments people may have.




Honored Contributor

Re: Recovery process after dual site outage

you should contact support on this one to be sure.  Was your FOM up?  You should have been able to come back online without a problem as long as you turned on the minimum number of nodes required to gain quorum.  The fact that you couldn't is a bit troubling.