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Remote Copy question Part 2

Bobby Gillette
Occasional Advisor

Remote Copy question Part 2

Let's say I have a 600GB volume that I have remote copies of on another cluster. Under the volume use tab I see that the 5 remote copies sizes are as follows:


Leading to a grand total of 535GB.

Should we decide to completely get rid of the above remote copies, we would reclaim that 535GB of storage correct?

I question the validity of taking space on each cluster for remote copies as a viable DR method given the fact that the clusters are located in the same building, same row even.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!
Occasional Advisor

Re: Remote Copy question Part 2

Yes, as long as you delete the bottommost snapshot the space would be reclaimed.

When you set up a remote snapshot schedule you can specify how many snapshots you want to keep on the primary and remote side, so you could specify only 2 snapshots are kept in your DR cluster.
Mike Povall
Trusted Contributor

Re: Remote Copy question Part 2

Hi Bobby,

If you were to get rid of the remote copies you would regain the 535GB in the cluster that is storing those remote copies.

I also would question the use of remote copy in the scenario that you describe and would consider putting all of the units into a single cluster, and then assuming that you are using two way replication, ensure that they are split into seperate racks to maintain the volumes even if you were to lose a whole rack.

Regards, Mike.