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Remove Storage Node from a MG


Remove Storage Node from a MG



Lefthand OS : 10.5 (MG version 9.5)


I want to remove a storage node from a MG which contains 2 clusters and a FOM,  one cluster is composed of 6 nodes and a another is composed of 2 nodes ; both are in multi-site configuration.


I have remove successfully 1 storage node (the manager was stopped) from this MG but when I want to remove the second node I have a warning which tell me to stop the manager first with a lot of warnings.


If I try to reboot the node I have a warning with the MG could go offline...and it tell me to start a regular, virtual or failover manager.


The FOM is already started, in one cluster (composed of 6 nodes multi-site) I have 2 managers started and in another cluster (composed of 2 nodes multi-site) I have one manager started,  total I have 4 regular manager and 1 Fom started.


Can I stop the manager from the node which I want to remove from the MG and after that remove it from the MG without any problem?


Attached are the warning messages.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Remove Storage Node from a MG


Without actually looking at the CMC I cant tell how many mangers you have running.

If you have muliti-site and you have 6 nodes, the nodes to remain equal on each site. That is part of the requirement of setting muliti-site.

Re: Remove Storage Node from a MG

I've got the response from the HP support.

In CMC 10.X  you can't start a regular manager from the interface if you've already have 5 managers.


I stopped the manager on the node that I want to remove  then I have the choice to start a regular manager (and I start it) on an other node and all works fine.



Prakash Singh_1
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Re: Remove Storage Node from a MG



For StoreVirtual/P4000 SAN solutions querries you can also visit the HP Guided troubleshooting tree.


Below is the link for HPGT:


I work for HP


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