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Removed Nodes Still Showing in CMC

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Removed Nodes Still Showing in CMC

I have a cluster of 2 VSA 11.5 nodes in network RAID 10 that I wanted to reconfigure and rebuild.  So, I migrated all the data off the nodes, deleted all the LUNS, deleted the cluster, and removed the nodes from the management group.  But, the IP addresses of the 2 nodes are still showing in the CMC as part of the management group (though not assigned to a cluster) and I can't seem to get rid of them.  The CMC won't let me do things like apply patches as it says that there are missing nodes.  Using the "Remove System from Management Group" option won't work because the two nodes don't appear in the list.  How can I remove them entirely? 

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Re: Removed Nodes Still Showing in CMC

strange.  sounds like the remove didn't actually happen.  Create new VSAs with the same MAC addresses and IPs as the old onces, turn them on and then try and delete the nodes.  It will complain that they aren't in the management group and then it will allow you to clear that error  (did that when I deleted a VSA prior to removing it from the management group one time).  If that doesn't work, call support and they have some elevated logins which will clear the bad nodes from the group.