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Removing P4500 ISCSI nodes from Management Group?

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Thomas Mill
Occasional Contributor

Removing P4500 ISCSI nodes from Management Group?

Hey all


I am being very cautious, so this may be a silly question.


I have 20*P4500 ISCSI nodes, 14 of which are in a Network Raid 10 production cluster and providing storage.  This cluster WAS 20 nodes, but I striped 6 of them out months ago.


I have not however removed them from the Management group, yet.


I am about to do so.  Having already striped them out, is there anything ELSE I need to do before removing them from the Management Group?


I know this sounds silly, because I have powered mamy of these 6 of at various times without issue, but I'm not a constant manager of the SAN, so am being ultra cautious.




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Re: Removing P4500 ISCSI nodes from Management Group?

just make sure you aren't running managers on them and that you have the correct number of managers running before you remove from the mgt. group.  if they are out of the cluster and not running a manager they won[t cause a problem.