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Repair Storage Node

darren cooper
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Repair Storage Node

Hi guys we are going to be receiving a replacement storage node soon. How do I go about swapping out the entire device and minimize the time it takes to resync the data to the new storage node.

There are currently 4 nodes in this particular cluster.

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Re: Repair Storage Node

Be sure all your volumes are Network RAID 10 or better (2-way replication).

STOP the manager on the node to be replaced

Right click on the node to be replaced: select "Repair Storage Node"
select "This is a storage node problem"

(This leaves a "ghost" of the old node rather than REMOVING the node, to prevent your cluster from re-striping)

Put the New Storage Node into your rack, cable up etc, power on and give it the IP address and hostname of the old node from the console, configure your network load balancing if required.

In the CMC right click on your cluster and "Edit Cluster"
Use the "Exchange Node" function. This should cause only 1 restripe of your data. If you "remove node" and then add the new one back in you will have 2 seperate re-stripe events.

As always it may behoove you to review these steps with official HP LeftHand support... Good opportunity to make use of those support contracts, and I always find the folks in Boulder quite helpful!