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Replacing P4500 with 4530


Replacing P4500 with 4530

Dear all,

we plan to replace our old P4500 nodes with new 4530 nodes.

Our configuration is a multisite SAN with 3 nodes per site.

Now I search a best practice guide to replace the old P4500 nodes with 4530 nodes.

If possible without destroying the configured cluster.

Thank you for your support and your ideas or links.


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Re: Replacing P4500 with 4530

You should think about to move to StoreVirtual 3200.

That was not planned in this way.
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Re: Replacing P4500 with 4530


I can partially answer your question and I'll need to talk to some of my experts to get a more complete answer.  I recently had a lab environment of VSAs that I was using to create video demos.  One of the things I wanted to show was how easy it is to scale-up a cluster, swap in nodes, and do a cluster swap, and migrate volumes.  However, in my demo, I didn't have a multi-site cluster.  Here's the video that is brand new showing what I did.

What I don't know is how to do a cluster swap when you have a multi-site cluster.  I'm going to guess the process is the exactly the same - you would first create your multi-site cluster from your new StoreVirtual 4530 nodes and then do the cluster swap. Here's a screen grab from the demo showing me swapping a two node cluster with two new nodes.  

StoreVitual Cluster Swap.JPG

I'm pretty confident to say that in your case, once you have created your new multi-site cluster, when you go into CMC to do the Swap Cluster Storage System, you would see all your new nodes from both sites and you'd proceed with the swap as I show in the video.  I'll confirm this with one of my StoreVirutal experts and if my assumption is wrong, I'll let you know. 

Another option to migrate your data from your old environment to your new is to migrate the volumes.  I also show this in the demo.  I'm not sure which is the best approach - I'll ask my StoreVirtual experts what they think. 

@Cali suggested looking at the StoreVirtual 3200.  I agree it's worth looking at.  The StoreVirtual 3200 uses the underlying StoreVirtual OS but in a dual controller.  And we just released the latest OS version that added the ability to scale-out a pair of StoreVirtual 3200s to create a multi-site stretched cluster. Check out my blog post I did back when we introduced the scale-out feature for the StoreVirtual 3200. There is a tool to migrate from a traditional StoreVirtual environment to the 3200 but I haven't seen it myself and can't speak to it. 

Let me know if you have more questions.