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Reset Lefthand nodes


Reset Lefthand nodes


I am installing a new P4500 environment with 4 nodes on 2 sites, created management group and cluster, assigned password to the management group using the normal setup wizard.
Later reconfigured some cables while cluster was running and the system became unresponsive.
Not setup the FOM already, and the system went down.
Later the 4 nodes were discovered again.
So no data on the storage, want to start over again, succesfully removed 2 nodes (1 and 2) from the management group and cluster; but node 3 and 4 won't accept the password anymore, nor at CMC nor at console. I used the Shift-LHN trick, password reset succeeded but still no login is possible; so i can't remove the 2 nodes from the cluster (and delete cluster+management group) to start over.

Anyone idea ?


Re: Reset Lefthand nodes

Prolem solved, HP support helped me to reset the password of 2 nodes with the feature key and pass generator.Then changed the pass file in Linux OS under /etc/lefthand.
Later installed new patch for P4500 G2 on the 4 nodes.