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Restriping Stuck At 0% for about two weeks

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Restriping Stuck At 0% for about two weeks

We have a Multi-site cluster with 12 VSA nodes in a RAID 10, OS version 12.  We had a power outage at one of the sites and the backup generator didn't switch over leading to a very non-graceful shutdown of the whole data center.  Long story short, after many hours and a few node rebuilds the whole cluster has been stuck in the "Resyncing (Calculating %), Restriping 0% Appoximately)" state for about two weeks and all the volumes are Offline and Unavailable.  What process would support go through to bring these volumes back online and get them to start striping again?  We have no support for these old VSAs hence the post to this forum.


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Re: Restriping Stuck At 0% for about two weeks

can you show a screenshot of cmc showing the status of each node?


Do you have quorum? 

do all nodes w/ managers that are supposed to be running actually have them running?


If the cluster was setup as multi-site, do you have that one site w/ managers running and the data which should be good?  If setup correctly it should have kept online and running even if that 2nd site totally goes offline which means that at least you should be able to turn off the 2nd site and stay online.