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SAN/iQ CLI access via SSH

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SAN/iQ CLI access via SSH

Since SAN/iQ 8.0 The CLI is installed on storage nodes and can be accessed by SSH.

Log in to the on-node CLI via SSH using the node IP address and the designated port 16022 (instead of the default 22)

If the node is not a part of any management group then just type "admin" as the user name...

Once it is in a management group you then always use the management group login information, whatever you defined that to be.

Good luck
Adam C, LeftHand Product Manger
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Re: SAN/iQ CLI access via SSH



I am trying to access Storage SAN\IQ CLI using JSCH (java) via SSH. Using Putty or another tools I am able to log on storage CLI via SSH.


I am getting Authentication failure expcetion, but my credentials are correct.



Does SAN/iQ CLI accepts password authentication or only key authentication algorithms?