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SAN/iQ Upgrade Info

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SAN/iQ Upgrade Info

I have a set of HP 4500 G2s 14.4 model and I will be installing them for the first time. They appear to have come with SAN/iQ version 9.0 and I would like them fully updated before I actually configure them and throw them into production. This will be my first time working with the P4000 SAN Solution. SAN/iQ seems to only be a console management utility. Is this correct? If so is there anything to upgrade on the nodes themselves? I may have some follow up questions too!


Thanks in advance!


Re: SAN/iQ Upgrade Info

You need to install the CMC, in which you'll find an Software update menu. Before installing any of your storage nodes, download all available updates through the CMC (it's > 5Gb, so be patient).


Once the CMC is running the latest version (current is 9.5.00 build 1222) you can start adding your storage nodes. The CMC will notice they're not running the latest version, and will offer an update for all nodes.


Only once all nodes are fully up to date you should start creating your management group and clusters.


SanIQ is not just the CMC, it's the OS running on the storage nodes.


Also make sure you're installing the latest application aware snapshot manager and DSM for MPIO software on your windows servers.

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Re: SAN/iQ Upgrade Info

Balblas, thank you very much for the information. This is exactly what I needed to know. It appears like the CMC software update system relies on connecting to an HP FTP server, correct? 


Auxilary questions:

  1. Is DSM and MPIO necessary for servers run inside of vSphere or will vSphere handle the multipathing through the vkernal iSCSI configuration (I am pretty knowlegeable with VMware, this will be the first time using iSCSI)
  2. All of my P4500 G2s are running at a CoLo right now and I am linked to the CoLo with a 10 mbit/s link. It sounds like I would want to do initial setup at the CoLo and not over the VPN connection due to bandwidth transfer. Does this sound correct?

Thanks again for the information! You have been extremely helpful. 

Prakash Singh_1
Esteemed Contributor

Re: SAN/iQ Upgrade Info

For the SAN IQ upgrade you can also access HP guided troubleshooting tree for  HP P4000 G2 SAN Solutions.



Link for the same is :







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