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SANiQ 9 upgrade - VSA disk requirements

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SANiQ 9 upgrade - VSA disk requirements



Trying to upgrade to 9 from 8.1 & the release notes indicate that both disk1 and 2 for failover manager AND VSA need to be increased to 8GB


Unfortunately the VSA's were installed on a tiny (16GB) RAID1 partition (no additional space left) in the Head of the VSA. It's then got the storage (DIsk3) located on an MSA30 with  870GB of storage there.


Two main questions arise:

1) What are the ACTUAL storage requirements for SANiQ 9 for each of the VSA disks 0:0 and 0:1? The release notes say that VMWare Tools plus future SANiQ releases will need the extra space.


2) Any ideas as to how I can get the volumes off the existing VSA & onto a new cluster? (These VSA's are running on ESXi 3.5 - not vSphere managed so I cannot just copy the vmdk files etc to another system.