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I have a single node cluser that I would like to ad another node to.  When I added the node to the existing management group it asks me to install a FOM.  I would assume in this design you would put the FOM on the esxi host that has the guest vm's and not on one of the storage nodes?


ESX1 - Host for all of the Guest VM's.


ESX2 - Host for VSA Node 1

ESX3 - Host for VSA Node 2


My second question is can I add this second node of equal size to the existing single node cluster live?  Will it automatcally mirror between it and the first node?


Third question is how would you setup the network connection to the FOM?  It by default comes with two nic's installed (not sure why), but would you just add a virtual machine network to the same vswitch used for the ISCSI connection to the host/nodes?




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Re: SANiQ FOM Node

Yes, put the FOM on ESX1. Make sure to put it on local storage, and not the remote iscsi connection.

Yes, you can add the node live, and it will restripe the data across both nodes. You now have the ability to change your volumes to Network RAID 10, giving you redundancy in case one fails. If you did that with all the volumes though, you would not gain any space.

Just add the FOM to the same network as the other nodes. 2nd nic not required.

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Re: SANiQ FOM Node