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SMH Web Login

Occasional Contributor

SMH Web Login


I have integrated our version 9 P4500s in HP insight Control and found that the upgrade has installed a the system management homepage on the SAN.

What credentials should I be using to log onto this? The group ones do not seem to work.


Re: SMH Web Login

If you have not yet added user groups into HP SMH security settings, then users must log in with an
operating system account in the Administrators group for Windows or the operating system group
root (which in turn contains the user root by default) for HP-UX and Linux. If the credentials cannot be
authenticated, the user is denied access. Administrator on Windows and root on HP-UX or Linux have
administrator access on HP SMH.

Here is the link for installation guide for SMH.

let me know if that helps

Shayne Heidemann
Regular Advisor

Re: SMH Web Login


The SMH is for instrumentation currently and I don't think you can actually log in to it.

Maybe in a future release.