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SNMP... Again!


SNMP... Again!

Hello all

I am having trouble obtaining the Volume Latency statistics from the Lefthand running SanIQ 9.5. I have loaded in the latest MIB's and I can get other data like read/write disk queue.


The OID I'm querying is storageRaidStatsIoLatencyRead, the error I get back is "

Request Failed: Get Response PDU received from Error Indication in response: There is no such variable name in this mib. Errindex: 1"


Can someone please tell me what they're using to get the storage latency please?


Re: SNMP... Again!

Ok, found out why it wasn't returning data. I was using SNMP v1 rather than 2.


One thing I've noticed about the counters for latency, is they seem to be cumulative, Not sure if they reset daily or after a reset.