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SRA/SRM 5 - "extra" snapshot auto--created?

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SRA/SRM 5 - "extra" snapshot auto--created?

Curious - since upgrading to SRM 5 we have seen additional snapshots (additional in that they are in addition to the usual replication/snapshots that have long been scheduled and functioning) in our P4000 system - are these "extras" only related to the "synchronize storage" option of the new recovery plan test process? I presume so - they do take up space though and have not yet gone away automagically? Any ideas?


After we upgraded the SRA (and, of course SRM generally) to version 5, then we did a recovery test - that first test I left the default "synchronize storage" option and it failed in the first step. I did not do a "clean up" after that failed recovery test because I forgot about that new SRM5 option. I wonder if this snapshot is left-over from that? After this first failure, HP had us upgrade to a "just released" newer version of the SRA. Since then, I have done 2 other tests, but have unchecked the "synchronize storage" option.


So - Is this extra snapshot just a remnant of the failed recovery test, and we can delete it -- or does the new SRA/SRM somehow need this in addition to the standard replication snapshots?