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SSD compatibility with HP VSA

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SSD compatibility with HP VSA

I have the the following setup: two HP DL360 Gen9 servers, each with two HPE 1,6TB 12G SAS Write Intensive SSD HDD. Those two disks are in RAID1, on booth servers. I use VMware ESXI 6.0 u3 , and on booth servers I install the HPE StoreVirtual VSA 2014. There is  one cluster with these SSD disks, with several VM on it.

In this setup i have very small value of IOPS, and that makes me problem what I cant resolve.

Did someone had a similar problem?

I would be grateful for any recommendations, how to overcome this problem.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: SSD compatibility with HP VSA

I think there is a network config detail with vmware you need address.  I run hyper-v and so I didn't pay much attention to the issue/fix, but I remember a while back this poor performance issue was discussed.  I think it was something to do with NIC load ballancing or the virtual switch when a host tried to talk to a VSA node on itself.


Re: SSD compatibility with HP VSA

If you ordered drives which use the 512e protocols, this is only supported by VMware 6.5. Performance on earlier versions of VMware will be unsatisfactory.

Be sure to test the drive performance in the VMware host environment before using them with the VSA. 

I am an HPE employee - HPE StoreVirtual Support