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SV3200 Management Port Reset Help

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SV3200 Management Port Reset Help

We have a sv3200 returned from a customer. We are trying to login to the management port by following the guide:

i.e. set the laptop ip to and trying to browse to through 3 different browsers. No ping either.

Now if I setup my mini-network with my router, the management port appears to get an IP and i can ping it but still no luck logging in with any browser through https.

I also tried putty to the micro usb serial service port but i didn't see anything in there for changing any ip or factory resetting.

So it seems there is no way to reset these back to factory configuration without doing that through the management port with a browser.

It almost seems like they disabled web management and set the management port to dhcp.

Whats the best way to try and get the management web page working or reset the IP configuration back to factory configuration so we can access that.

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Re: SV3200 Management Port Reset Help

There is a reimaging process that needs to be followed to reset the SV3200 back to factory settings.  If you have access to the HPE Services Access Workbench, then you can follow the reimaging process to get it back to factory settings.

Amy Mitchell

HPE StoreVirtual Product Manager


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Re: SV3200 Management Port Reset Help

After working with HPE Support we have found the process:

The trick is that the micro USB port actually has 4 different serial connections in one port then you download the Field Restore Image and put that on your USB key and put the USB key in the USB connector on the outside of the controller - we used AX694-10511. You use the 3rd serial port with putty and you will have access to a special menu OS menu that will let you reimage each controller individually. Just contact HPE support and they will send you complete instructions with pictures.



Re: SV3200 Management Port Reset Help

Here is a picture of the menu you would get by using the 3rd serial port of micro USB serial connector. When you have the USB key with the field restore image then you will get an option to "Boot from USB thumb drive" Once you get that far the rest is pretty easy.