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Simple performance question-P4300

Occasional Contributor

Simple performance question-P4300

Our P4300 array currently consists of two nodes, the drives are SAS. The array is currently used for holding VMWare datastores.

I was wondering if there was any documentation or if anyone knows the IOPS (IO/s) threshold for these units. Basically is there a "tipping point" where adding more nodes would be advisable.

Our numbers right now are pretty low but I just want to be sure I have enough headroom on the system since we intend to add an Exchange server and some more file servers and SQL servers next year. Current IO/s for the cluster is showing an average of about 197.9 over a 7 hour window which included our daily backups during that time. Throughput total average over that same period is 5,661,250 B/s. Latency maximum in that same time frame peaked at 5.6ms (during backups)
Sudhakar Subramaniam
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Re: Simple performance question-P4300