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SmartClone volumes in vSphere

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SmartClone volumes in vSphere

I created a 50gb thin volume in the CMC, then added to vSphere and installed a base Win2008 sysprep image.

So then I created a snapshot, and 5 smart clones. Now when I try to mount those volumes it will only give me the option to format it. (see attached screen shot)

Am I doing something wrong?
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Re: SmartClone volumes in vSphere


Have you enabled volume resignaturing?

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Re: SmartClone volumes in vSphere

The default vSphere 4.x should have given you the option to "resignature" as shown in my snapshot demonstration:

I did see a post that discussed this issue on vSphere however:

On page 2 there were some specific steps mentioned:

Re-Signature happens automatically. The DataStore will appear with snap-xxxxxx- where xxxxx is a random set of chars, you don't define the new name yourself..

To enable Resig and try the following from the service console of the ESX host :

Run the following commands:

1. esxcfg-advcfg --get /LVM/EnableResignature It should be set to 0 - Resignaturing is OFF

2. Now set it to on.

esxcfg-advcfg -s 1 /LVM/EnableResignature

3. Issue a "refresh" in VI client storage view and the snapshot Luns of the same source LUN get re-signatured simultaneously:

4. Reset the enableResignature option:

esxcfg-advcfg -s 0 /LVM/EnableResignature
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Re: SmartClone volumes in vSphere

Thanks guys. After a chat with HP, we found the issue.

When I assign the snapshot volume to all the machines in the cluster, it won't work.

I had to assign it to only a single server, get everything configured, then add it to the rest after.

Re: SmartClone volumes in vSphere

I still have this exact problem even if I try to assign the SmartClone to a single server.  The only option is to format the volume.  All othere options are greyed out.


Has anyone been able to successfully deploy the smartclone?