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Splitting nodes P4000 cluster


Splitting nodes P4000 cluster

We currently have 3 P4300 starter SAN solutions, each with the 7.2 TB raw storage. 2 of the clusters are deployed and in production (at different sites), and we are growing to a point where we would like to deploy the 3rd cluster. What I'd ideally like to do would be to add 1 node of the 3rd cluster to each of the 1st two clusters (ie: we would then have 2 x 3 node clusters) to increase the storage capacity of the existing clusters, rather than deploying the 2 nodes together as a 3rd cluster. Is this possible, or would I be unable to split the nodes from the 3rd, undeployed cluster, in this manner?



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Re: Splitting nodes P4000 cluster



First, off course this is possible.

The third cluster, is it already deployed? If yes, then just remove the 2 nodes from the cluster...

Then the nodes will appear as unmanaged available nodes...


Now add 1 node to the first cluster and add the 2nd node to the 2nd cluster... Volumes will start automatically restriping accross the 3 nodes...


Off course you know the impact of the fact that you will have 1 site with 2 nodes and another site with 1 node... If the site with 2 nodes go down, the other site will not have enough data blocks anymore available at that site to keep the volumes alvive... And so I/O will stop in the 2nd site...







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Re: Splitting nodes P4000 cluster

Great, thanks. We actually already have 2 x 2 node clusters at different sites. I have 2 more nodes, but they ship as a pair and I wasn't sure if I could break them up between the clusters. I deployed one of them at site A this morning and added it to the management group and then to the cluster, it's working fine. Will add the other node to site B cluster early next week, thanks for the response.