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Starting with a Single Node

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Starting with a Single Node



I'm working with a customer that wants to start small and then add redundancy later.  Can I start them off with a single StoreVirtual appliance (say a 4530) and then add nodes later to establish Network-RAID?  Are there any gotcha's I might come up against if I do?


Many thanks!


Mark Lomas

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Re: Starting with a Single Node

sounds a lot like... 


my biggest concern would be VUN availability.  a single system means any firmware update or system reboot WILL mean downtime.  I assume you have a bit of extra capacity built into the storage, it would be better to get two smaller units than one huge unit even if you are pushing the current capacity limits on that smaller unit as you can always purchase one more additional smaller unit later when you get real tight on storage space.  Assuming this is a comapny that is new to SANs, getting one unit is going to sour them to the whole idea because it can't deliver the uptime required when you transition from local storage to a SAN.  


If they can't afford more than one, maybe they shoudl look at the VSA licenses and leveraging their existing server storage (assuming that exists).