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Storage System Not Ready

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Storage System Not Ready



One of my Storage Systems has a status of "Storage System Not Ready".  This message didn't appear until a bad drive was replaced and rebuilt.  The drive shows a health of normal and status as active.  RAID status is normal.  This a P4800 G2 running CMC firmware.  I've rebooted the blade in an attempt to clear the error. Volumes are active but data protection is degraded.


I've opened a support call wth HP\LeftHand but havent recieved a call back yet.  Any suggestions?



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Re: Storage System Not Ready

What you can do in the meantime is down load the diagnostic file called , make sure you refresh the file by first running diagnostics on the node in question.  Click on the log files tab and find that file and save it to your harddrive. Obtain the notepad ++ program, you will need this to read the log file in a readable format.  Once you open the file search for these key words excessive' if you get a hit on that then look at witch array is the culprit it will have a value something like this ' /dev/cciss/c0d0' that wiill  you which array is having the problem. if you get not hits on excessive look for 'degraded' and find out which array and make a note of it, finally if you dont find that one the just search for 'overload' those are the 3 progressive states that a node transitions from. Overload is not a bad thing and sometimes a node can recover on its own for the most part. Rebooting sometimes aggrevates the situation as the node that is already having issues has to perform a re-synch.  If you cant find anything there and if support still doesnt call you back you can look at the slotlog files. They willl probably want a support bundle anyway and it should contain a that should tell which drive is taking errors. You should be able to run the [Invalid link removed on <4/20/2017> by Mod]
 user name = sanmon password =sanmon this open up the systems management home page not to sure if this works on the p4800 or not if it does check the drives. You can narrow your search by drilling down to the array mentioned that you obtained in the file.


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Re: Storage System Not Ready

Thanks for info Emilo. I didn't know that existed. It provided some useful information.

What we found was when the drive was replaced, it's likely we didn't wait long enough for the storage controller to recognize that the drive had been removed before swapping it with the new one. It caused errors in the journal. So, we put the controller in repair mode, pulled it from the management group to rebuid the array and then re-added to restripe the data. The "Storage System Not Ready" error is gone and were waiting for the restripe to finish. So far so good.