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Storage options for large file servers

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Storage options for large file servers



I am researching storage options for some of the larger file servers we are interested in setting up.  Currently we have 10-15 smaller file servers with 1-3TB each and our server admin's want to consolidate these into 2-3 servers with 3-5 TB each.  We are running VMWare Vsphere 5, and I am thinking I will have to use RDM's in this case as I see no other option that still allows me to use the HA features.


We currently have a P4500 with 4 nodes that we use for all of our guest VM's, and it works great.  I was wondering if there is anything else with a larger storage range (preferably sata drives) in a lower price range that anyone would recommend for just file storage use?  I really don't want to use a P4500 for file storage as it eats up valuable storage space, as most of the files are not used.






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