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StoreVirtual 2014 VSA - Storage Limitation *SPECIFIC* Location

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StoreVirtual 2014 VSA - Storage Limitation *SPECIFIC* Location

I've looked and looked and looked and come up here I am! :-)

I'm going to be likely purchasing the 3-pack of 4TB StoreVirtual 2014 VSAs. Can anyone tell me specifically where that 4TB limitation is implemented?

  • The VSA's "Raw Space" - host storage presented to VSA from ESXi? (each VSA has 4TB with which to work)
  • The VSA's "Usable Space" - the VSA caps its usable space at 4TB regardless of if it has more listed in "Raw Space".
  • Total size of LUNs exported from VSA back to hosts? (a total of 4TB to use as datastores for other VMs)
  • Something else?

I'm actually replacing two older VSA VMs with this and continuing to mirror between the two, so the aggregate output size of their volumes will be 4TB for me either way. I just don't want the new VSAs to gripe if they see for example 4.5TB of "Raw Space" from their hosts.


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Re: StoreVirtual 2014 VSA - Storage Limitation *SPECIFIC* Location

Well...I'll answer my own question now. Haha!

The answer is:  Option 1.

The 4TB limit is per-VSA and it is enforced with how much "Raw Space" you provide it. It allows you to give it more, but it will be functioning in the 60-day evaluation mode. Once you get all of your VSAs configured correctly under your license's cap, you'll receive this message:

"The management group 'blah blah blah' license type is 'Fully' licensed."

So make sure you don't give them a drop more than your 1TB, 4TB, 10TB or 50TB license supports!