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StoreVirtual 3200 First Time Setup Questions

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StoreVirtual 3200 First Time Setup Questions

I am setting up my first StoreVirtual san, it is a SV3200 rnning StoreVirtual OS 13.5, the SV3200 has 6x 900GB sas drives. I accepted the defaults during setup and ended up with two raid 5 volumes with a usable capacity of 3.18TB. (out of 4.91TB raw). We have never setup one of these before so have a few questions.

Should I be deleting these raid volumes and just creating a single raid 5 volume? Our idea was to only use one storage controller and not both. Or should we be using both for maximum performance?

 Secondly the management IP is still on the default 172.16.253..201/ Should I be setting the management IP addresses to the same network as our server network so that we can administer the SV3200 and apply software updates or should we be just adding a gateway on the same subnet?

The SV3200 will be used as storage for a single Hyper-V running 2016 datacentre. Should we be installing StoreVirtual DSM on the Hyper-V host for management and maintenance of the SV3200 ?  Is this the recommended best practise ?



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Re: StoreVirtual 3200 First Time Setup Questions

Not an expert about HPE StoreVirtual 3200 but considering how it is equipped (six SAS disks) and what is written into the HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage System Installation Guide, then the two identical RAID 5 devices you accepted during setup process were proposed as the best possible storage configuration with the number and type of disks it is equipped with.

About RAID devices configuration Sheet 18 of the above guide reports:

"RAID configuration

RAID devices must be configured in pairs.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends the following configurations:

  • SSD drives: two pairs of six drives in RAID 5
  • SFF 10K SAS drives: two pairs of six drives in RAID 5
  • LFF 7.2K drives: two pairs of six or 12 drives in RAID 6"

So, probably, to fulfill the first requirement (RAID devices must be configured in pairs) with just three disks per RAID device (six in total)...only RAID 5 approach was proposed during setup (to be confirmed: would be interesting to see if, during setup, other proposed storage configurations were available and, if any, you have eventually noted/ignored them).

Network configurations are described in the guide too and they varies with the types of NIC installed (with regard to MGMT Interface, this HPE Customer Notice can be of help too).