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StoreVirtual Storage
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StoreVirtual 4530 or P4500 storage expansion with D2700?

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StoreVirtual 4530 or P4500 storage expansion with D2700?

Hi to all,


1.) I would like to know,  if its possible to expand an StoreVirtual 4530 node or older P4500 (12x600GB LFF) storage with an external D2700 device with SAS connection?

(The StoreVirtual 4630 with BladeSystem contains a Disk Shelf D2700...)   

2.) If this is bossible technically, is this supportet?


Can not find anything!

Honored Contributor

Re: StoreVirtual 4530 or P4500 storage expansion with D2700?

don't think so.  Doesn't make much sense for the line anyway.  If you need more space you just get another node.

Regular Advisor

Re: StoreVirtual 4530 or P4500 storage expansion with D2700?

I remember talk of this then the g2's were first released.

It was documented in some brochures, but after a while they removed all references to it. (probably because they would prefer to sell more P4500s)

I imagine if you managed to get a P411 raid card for the P4500 and install it and connect it to the D2600 with the same 12x 600GB drives it would work.

You would need an identical setup in the other nodes, and it would probably pay to upgrade the ram in the nodes.


Would start to make sense if you had 10gb cards in the nodes.


It would not be supported by HP at all.


Could be good for a lab environment or other non critical use. the P4500's would be out of warranty by now anyway would they not?


David Tocker

Re: StoreVirtual 4530 or P4500 storage expansion with D2700?

The reason why you cannot find anything is that the StoreVirtual systems are appliances that are delivered with a fixed configuration. Hence it is not supported to change the CPU, memory or disk configuration. Therefore adding a D2700 is not supported.

HPE Blogger

Re: StoreVirtual 4530 or P4500 storage expansion with D2700?



HPstorageTom got the answer spot on - it's not a "HP wants you to buy more P4500's" but that the system needs each node to have the same number of drives, memory, OS version, etc.  If you "could" add a D2700, the LeftHand OS wouldn't use them because it uses the "lowest common denominator" and has all the nodes behave that way.  Additional if you LeftHand OS could use the extra capacity of an attached disk system, you probably won't be happy with the performance as you now would have a node with a lot more disks but no additional compute to drive those disks.


If you need help getting another node to expand your system, I'm happy to see what I can do to help.