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StoreVirtual 4730 - dedicated Management


StoreVirtual 4730 - dedicated Management

Hi All,



We just purchased 4 StoreVirtual 4730 nodes.

I'm setting up the network config as we speak but I can't seem to make out if I should connect the nodes to a seperate 'managment network'.


The white paper states:


"On platforms with more than two network adapters, which are usually bonded for iSCSI and cluster communication, it is possible to connect storage nodes to a separate management network. This allows the storage nodes to access network services, which are not available on the iSCSI network, such as NTP, DNS or SMTP servers and SNMP trap receivers (HP Remote Support, HP Systems Insight Manager)."




Every node has 4 x 1Gb Ethernet ports so it is perfectly possible but is is there a real benefit in this?

If I would like to do this I have to sacrifice 2 ports for a 2nd 'management bond' to be highly available.

This just seems like such a waist of bandwith ...


Is this traffic really gonna have much impact on the iSCSI/Cluster network


Could somebody give me some arguments why I should/shouldn't do this?


Thx in advance!


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