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StoreVirtual False Configuration Alerts

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StoreVirtual False Configuration Alerts

New 2 node StoreVirtual 4730 deployment. It has 10GbE iSCSI interfaces and 2 X 1GbE in ALB for Management duties per node(E-mail/NTP etc).


It keeps throwing warnings for the following two items.


1. Network Interface 'FlexLOM: Port1/2 stats=Slow. These are the onboard GigE ports uplinked to a 10/100 Switch. I know they are running below 1GbE. It is fine because all they do is handle management traffic such as email/NTP and the CMC connection. Under the Communication tab of each storage node both LeftHand OS Interface & iSCSI interface are assigned to my 10GbE bond. Management interface is assigned to my 10/100 Bond. 


Why does it feel the need to alert me of this? It's not a problem. If it was on the iSCSI interface then yes it would be.


2. The Best practise section throws a warning about "Network Frame Size Consitency". This is because I'm using jumbo frames on the iSCSI interfaces and default 1500 on the management interfaces. The entire purpose of this SUPPORTED config is to allow management on a separate network than the non-routeable iSCSI network. Why would they assume you're going to be running the same packet size on both networks? Who runs jumbo frames universally on a management network? No one I know. 


Is there anyway to override these not so well thought out alerts? I know they mean nothing and are benign but I don't like exlcamations or warnings popping up.